Smart Sensing for Understanding Nursing Activities and Smart Energy Applications

Sozo Inoue,
China-Japan Object Social Modeling Seminar
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Beijing, China
In this talk, we talk the state of the art of pervasive sensing
technology and its applications, including understanding nursing
processes in hospitals, and helping households to recognize daily
activities related to energy consumption.
Recent deployment of light-weight sensors equipped with wireless
networking or embedded in smart phones made it possible to recognize
and understand the activities and contexts of the users. If we can
compile them in an understandable manner to the users, we can expect
various applications such as in healthcare and energy management
In this new horizon of technology, we introduce the state of the art
of the research, including utilization and improvement of machine
learning methods, such as being robust for labels with uncertain
segments, or utilizing periodical information for daily activities.
Moreover, we also introduce the activity of collecting and providing a
large-scale dataset for activity recognition, such as a mobile
accelerator open dataset with about 35,000 activity data from more
than 200 subjects, nurses' sensor data combined with 100 patients'
sensor data and medical records, and 34 households' light sensor data
set for 4 months combined with smart meter data.

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