Recognizing and Understanding Nursing Activities for a Whole Day with a Big Dataset

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Sozo Inoue, Naonori Ueda, Yasunobu Nohara, Naoki Nakashima,
Journal of Information Processing
In this paper, we provide a real nursing data set for mobile activity recognition that can be used for supervised machine learning, and big data combined the patient medical records and sensors attempted for 2 years, and also propose a method for recognizing activities for a whole day utilizing prior knowledge about the activity segments in a day. Fur- thermore, we demonstrate data mining by applying our method to the bigger data with additional hospital data. In the proposed method, we 1) convert a set of segment timestamps into a prior probability of the activity segment by exploit- ing the concept of importance sampling, 2) obtain the likelihood of traditional recognition methods for each local time window within the segment range, and, 3) apply Bayesian estimation by marginalizing the conditional probability of estimating the activities for the segment samples. By evaluating with the dataset, the proposed method outperformed the traditional method without using the prior knowledge by 25.81% at maximum by balanced classification rate, and outperformed by 6.5% the F-measure with accepting 1 hour of margins. Moreover, the proposed method significantly reduces duration errors of activity segments from 324.2 seconds of the traditional method to 74.6 seconds at maximum. We also demonstrate the data mining by applying our method to bigger data in a hospital.

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