Integrating Activity Recognition and Nursing Care Records: The System, Deployment, and a Verification Study

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Sozo Inoue, Paula Lago, Tahera Hossain, Tittaya Mairittha, Nattaya Mairittha,
Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies
24 pages
In this paper, we introduce a system of integrating activity recognition and collecting nursing care records at nursing care facilities as well as activity labels and sensors through smartphones, and describe experiments at a nursing care facility for 4 months. A system designed to be used even by staff not familiar with smartphones could collected enough number of data without losing but improving their workload for recording. For collected data, we revealed the nature of the collected data as for activities, care details, and timestamps, and considering them, we show a reference accuracy of recognition of nursing activity which is durable to time skewness, overlaps, and class imbalances. Moreover, we demonstrate the near future prediction to predict the next day's activities from the previous day's records which could be useful for proactive care management. The dataset collected is to be opened to the research community, and can be the utilized for activity recognition and data mining in care facilities.

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