Evaluating a Spoken Dialogue System for Recording Systems of Nursing Care

Tittaya Mairittha, Nattaya Mairittha, Sozo Inoue,
MDPI Sensors
12 pages
Integrating speech recondition technology into an electronic health record (EHR) has been studied in recent years. However, the full adoption of the system still faces challenges such as handling speech errors, transforming raw data into an understandable format and controlling the transition from one field to the next field with speech commands. To reduce errors, cost, and documentation time, we propose a dialogue system care record (DSCR) based on a smartphone for nursing documentation. We describe the effects of DSCR on (1) documentation speed, (2) document accuracy and (3) user satisfaction. We tested the application with 12 participants to examine the usability and feasibility of DSCR. The evaluation shows that DSCR can collect data efficiently by achieving 96% of documentation accuracy. Average documentation speed was increased by 15% (P = 0.012) compared to traditional electronic forms (e-forms). The participants’ average satisfaction rating was 4.8 using DSCR compared to 3.6 using e-forms on a scale of 1–5 (P = 0.032).

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