WorkerSense: Mobile Sensing Platform for Collecting Physiological, Mental, and Environmental State of Office Workers

Yuri Tani, Shuichi Fukuda, Yuki Matsuda, Sozo Inoue,
PerHealth 2020: 5th IEEE PerCom Workshop on Pervasive Health Technologies (PerHealth 2020)
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Mexico (virtual)
In data collection of the human physiological and psychological conditions
for mental healthcare (e.g., work engagement), measurement methods using
environment-installed sensors and questionnaire surveys have been often
used. However, these approaches are not practical in continuous data
collection, due to the large burden for people. Recently, in association
with advancing sensing technology with IoTs, sensing by small sensors and
wearable devices has become possible easily. In this paper, we
aim to establish a simple and general sensing method based on a mobile
application for measuring physiological and psychological state of office
workers and environmental state. Through the experiment for 2-3 weeks
involving 60 office workers of four Japanese companies by using our
application, we succeeded to create a dataset of physiological,
environment, and mental state. This paper explains the developed mobile
application, experimental procedure, and a summary of the data collected in
the experiment.

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