Implementation of Care Records Automatic Generation Function in a Care Record Application

Haru Kaneko, Tahera Hossain, Sozo Inoue,
The 40th Joint Conference on Asia-Pacific Association of Medical Informatics (APAMI)
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6 pages
The number of elderly people is increasing in the world. Especially in Japan, the shortage of nurses has been a problem in recent years. So far, we had developed a mobile application to make nursing care records. In addition, we are also experimenting with the introduction of this application to nursing homes. In this paper, we design an automatic generation function of the nursing care record into our mobile nursing care record application. In this paper, we implement an automatic generation function of the recorded contents in this care record system. we aim to simplify the work of making care records. To do so, we make a machine learning model for estimating the feature nursing care records in the server. And, we design new UI on our application to make care records using estimation result. As a result of the evaluation, we know it is possible to reduce time that making care records using our application with automatic generation function of care records.

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