Intracranial Hemorrhage Brain Image Non-rigid Registration from Real-world Dataset to Reference Space

Le Nhat Tan, Shoji Kobashi, Koichi Arimura, Koji Iihara, Sozo Inoue,
International Conference on Imaging, Vision & Pattern Recognition (IVPR)
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7 pages
Intracranial Hemorrhage is a common brain injury that leads to a high mortality rate without prompt recognition. To address these issues, computer-aid diagnosis tools are rapidly being developed along with neural-network-based techniques to provide fast, reliable analysis and achieve accurate diagnosis decisions based on medical images. One of the most interesting applications in computer-aid diagnosis is Image Registration due to its practical features in clinical diagnosis and treatment planning. In this study, we present the non-rigid image registration for the 3D Computed Tomography image dataset of the Intracranial Hemorrhage Brain. By utilizing the affine transformation and a neural network model, we aim to predict the deformation vector field, map the real-world-collected dataset to the reference space and overcome the shifting data problem between the data analysis experiment on standard and real-world medical image analysis. Our test results gave that good registration performance is obtained in a very short time by using a neural network model, and the affine transformation significantly improves the real-world image registration. In addition, according to the distance from the hematoma area change ratio to the brain area change ratio, the characteristics of the major structure are determined to be preserved.

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