Human Activity in the World.

Making a fantastic goal at a football game, playing an instrument, spreading manure over the field, watering flowers, manufacturing a trial, caring elderly people, or performing an operation by doctor..., what we commonly have here is human "activity". If we can automatically track the human activity, a computer will be able to support or provide a new service for these activities. Those can be utilized not only for entertainment such sports or instruments, but also for agriculture or medical care which are crucial domains for human beings. In our laboratory, we are developing a system by which accelerometer information from smartphones such as iPhones or Androids is easily and globally gathered, and based on the information, researching technique which will be utilized to various services by recognizing those activities automatically. So far, large-scale data about 40,000 records from 250 people has been gathered, and our study also attracts attention from the world.
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